Seven Lower-Stress Jobs That Pay More Than $100,000 A Year

It’s often hard to work under intense pressure, get paid peanuts, and be productive at the same time. People are motivated by money, or rather proper compensation. When asked to choose, we would want to pick very lower-stress jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year. Jobs that make us feel good.

In the US, the Department of Labor’s O*NET Online occupational database ranks jobs according to stress tolerance on a scale of zero to 100. Fortunately, globally, there are plenty of jobs that treat you to little or no stress yet pay you handsomely well.

So, if it occurs to you that you work so hard in a stressful environment, but the pay doesn’t match up, don’t worry. Here is a list of seven lower-stress jobs that pay more than $100,000 a year.

Computer Hardware EngineerTyping on A Keyboard

Yearly, the global advancement of technology and innovation intensely drives the need for computer hardware engineers at a great frequency. Computer hardware engineers are required in every software, electronic, and manufacturing company to:

  • Work on the research and development of novel products,
  • Invent new programs for computers,
  • Assess test results of existing equipment for essential alterations and
  • Supervise various manufacturing procedures in the hardware industry.

So, are you a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or a similar field or looking out for a career to enroll? Then, pursue this low-stress job to earn about $113,441 median salary annually.


An actuary is a Math and statistics enthusiast. With a 9 to 5 job, you possibly will be content as an actuary. Actuaries work in insurance companies and investment firms such as banks and as financial advisors. Their sole accountabilities lie in:

  • Viewing numbers,
  • Discovering correlations,
  • Giving conclusions and,
  • Representing outcomes,
  • Assess risk to aid in the company’s minimal utilization of expenses.

You can consider being an actuary by enrolling in its bachelor’s degree or if you’re already a graduate, pursue it, and you’ll enjoy it.

Remember, it has a median pay of $108,350 annually, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics professes a rise of 18% by 2029, more rapid than the regular.

Software Developer

Software developers not only study, design, implement and oversee software programs for companies but also test and assess new programs. With originality and rational thinking, they create attractive and effective software solutions.

Only tech enthusiasts may find this career appealing but don’t fret about pursuing it. The rapid explosion of apps and the automation of commercial and end-user functions shows a trendy rise of about 22% by 2029, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates. 

Besides, the pay is $107,510 annually and a bachelor’s degree on the same. Though, some developers are self-trained on rigorous code writing courses as it’s a lower-stress job.

Data Scientist

Data scientists form processes used to recognize and evaluate trends in large data sets. Managers find them helpful in uncovering trends in data which is paramount in scheduling and directing upcoming services and product growths.

Fortunately, there’s an anticipated growth of 15% by 2029 in data scientist jobs. It’s from the rise in the dependence on gathering and data evaluation by organizations. With a median pay 0f $122,840 annually and a master’s degree on the same, you can live the stress-free life you always desire.

Freelance PhotographerPhotograher Taking A Picture

Isn’t it exhilarating to earn stress-free only by taking pictures of your environment and so on? Freelance photography has recently found fame from the growing social media platforms to display and market photos.

It’s thrilling being a freelance photographer, but it isn’t a walk in the pack. But I don’t mean it’s stressful; it only needs creativity. The photographers need an arty dash with reality to attract people.

So, all you need is a high-tech camera, photo editing equipment, software, and some good money to start. It’s a lucrative career that has lower stress can earn you up to $180,000. A bachelor’s degree is not needed, but they exist, enroll in one if need be.


Economists attempt to comprehend matters involving the manufacture and dispersal of resources. They execute this by examination and data collection. Besides, economists are assets in designing and coming up with recommendations for companies.  They:

  • Prepare charts and reports to interpret trends for the future and,
  • Conduct surveys while solving employment cycles, business data, and exchange rates.

All economists, whether international analysts, labor, or financial, earn competently.  And, they undergo lower stress and mainly focus on research and development. Therefore, with a bachelor’s degree, you can get a $150,348 median salary. Though, a master’s degree gives you an upper hand.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is an asset to a company. Through them, companies sell their services and products. They entice clients to the company via impulsive advertisements. With a comprehensive analysis of the products, they enlighten on benefits and transform queries into sales. It is not easy being a marketing manager, but it has lower stress for enthusiasts. You’re a perfect fit if you have a sharp mind, good communication skills to impress clients and negotiate to seal deals. With that, climbing the ranks for you will be so fast, and you’ll quickly earn you about $125,559 annually. A bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Business Administration is necessary.

As you choose your careers, remember to choose them wisely. Numerous jobs can earn you a pretty penny with little to no stress. There are numerous  jobs with a possibility of over $100,000 annual payment. The ball is always in your court so feel free to roll it.