5 Surprising Banana Peel Uses

Banana is a staple in everyone’s kitchen and diet. It is used on our breakfasts, baking, shakes and more. But what about the banana peel? A few years back, I would always throw it in the trash, as you probably do now. But what if I told you that this peel has a ton of spectacular uses?

Take a look at these 5 different uses for banana peels and start maximizing everything that the banana has to offer.

Acne and skin irritations

Lots of people suffer from acne and other skin-related issues and spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars or euros on skincare products. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cheap and simple product that could address this problem?

Luckily, you do now! The banana peel is perfect for dealing with acne since it is full of nutrients, like zinc and lectin, that are packed with antibacterial characteristics. Like many other natural products, you take the peel and gently rub it around the spots that need cleansing.

You need to apply it daily, several times, and you will start to see results in a week! It is important to remember that you need to rub it gently or else you might further irritate the area.


The banana peel can be used in two different ways. One, it is very commonly used as a fertilizer. Dig a hole in your vase or your garden and leave the peel there for a couple of days. The earth around your plants will absorb its nutrients and become healthier and more powerful.

Second, the peel can also be used to clean the leaves of your plant and help it achieve stronger photosynthesis. You see, indoor plants have a harder time achieve it due to dust and the banana peel strengthens their leaves with nutrients.


We have the habit of throwing the peel in the trash since it is so hard to eat raw, but did you know that it is packed with vitamins? And it adds great texture to a smoothie!banana smoothie

Instead of peeling the banana and throwing away the peel, wash the whole banana properly, break it into two or three pieces and throw it in the mixer. You will receive an extra dose of vitamins and your smoothie will be heartier and fill your stomach more.

Extra tip: use really ripe bananas and you won’t need to add any sugar. Ripe bananas might be a bit yucky to eat raw due to their texture, but if they are mixed in the smoothie? Pure deliciousness.

Use them in your roasts

Did you know that banana peels can also be used in your daily cooking? If you like to roast your meat, sometimes it might end up a bit dry. It is hard to always hit that special spot where the meat always comes out moist, especially when cooking chicken breasts. However, if you put the peel on top of the meat, totally covering it, the peel will steam and keep the meat from overcooking. I’m already watering just from thinking about it!

The best splinter remover

Who doesn’t have splinters? They can be a pain to deal with, especially those so stuck that you endure hours and hours with that annoying sting.

A natural and non-invasive solution? Banana peels! Wrap one around your finger and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. The enzymatic reaction will pull the splinter up and make it easy to remove. It is that easy!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this list you will give a new whole new use to bananas, aside from just eating them. I sure did and I always have them available in my house!