The Most Difficult Recipes to Master

A super hard recipe does not mean that it is hard to master, even though that is often the case. There are several easy recipes that can be tricky and take several tries to perfect, but that is what makes them so fun and delicious!

Let’s take a look at some crazy recipes that can takes ages to master.

Beef Wellington

This one is a classic and of course it is hard to master. The number of steps and ingredients that have to be perfectly cooked and assembled to make this dish shine is totally insane.

The meat is wrapped around this gorgeous pastry that has to be flaky and crispy. We have to achieve that flakiness while not overcooking or undercooking the meat, right? If the meat is overcooked, then the pastry is soggy. I’m not even going to mention the shroom coating between the meat and the pastry.

This dish requires a high-level technique that most of us do not have. No wonder this is Gordon Ramsey’s signature dish!

Chocolate mousse

Now, a chocolate mousse is a simple recipe that everyone can do, right? Well… if we buy one of the most ready-to-mix powders, maybe! But if we want to do it from scratch, even though it is a simple recipe, it really can be hard to master.

The mousse requires a perfect balance to achieve perfection. If we do not land that balance, the mousse becomes gluey or dry. So, the ingredients can’t be too hot or too cold and the cream has to be just right. A bunch of simple steps that can totally ruin this dish. Simple does not mean easy.


Following the simplicity train, is there anything more simple than plain bread? Bread! We only need four ingredients to make this dish; however, we can end up with a brick that is impossible to eat or with an addicting hot treat that makes our butter fly out of the pantry!

We love bread here at our house, and we always go to the same bakery. Their bread is simply delicious and, if we are not careful, we can’t stop eating it. Seriously.

At the same time, there are a ton of bakeries that do not offer anything special. They have their own way of doing it, sure, but the result is not fantastic as we are used to.

Fresh pasta

fresh pastaOnly the people that have done pasta from scratch before know the hassle and effort it takes to master this dish.

It is not hard to make it, but it is really hard to master because you can’t just follow a recipe and call it a day. The quantities vary too much depending on several factors, such as the flour and eggs. So, we need to know if the pasta is ready through its texture, which takes time and lots of practice. And don’t get me started on rolling the dough! Sadly, it is not my forte.


Some say that this Spanish recipe is super easy, just toss the seafood and rice with some sauce and boom. And they are not wrong in the sense that paella is made up of high-quality ingredients. Most of the time, it is going to taste great.

The difference, however, is to cook a paella worthy of any Spaniard. Not any rice will do, we need a special grain so it absorbs all of the juices while it toasts on the outside, but without burning! Then everything should be cooked to perfection.

A good paella should be crunchy and tender!

Final thoughts

Looks can be deceiving. Some of the simplest dishes can also be the hardest ones to master, as you know. One thing is for certain though. Once we master these recipes, there is nothing as satisfying as hosting a dinner party and show off our delicious skills!