What are friends there for?

What are friends there for?

When you thank your friend for helping you move, lending you money, driving you to the airport, or even bailing you out of jail, you might hear them say “What are friends there for?” so let’s answer that question. What can you expect from friends, and how many of them do you have?

The truth is, most people have a lot of acquaintances, but very few of them can be called friends. Your friends aren’t the ones you occasionally talk to and wave on the street, they’re the people who show up for you and never leave you hanging.

They’re the people who care about you even though you’re not related or romantically involved with them. Friends are those you know you can count on when things get tough, and they certainly aren’t the ones who make you feel bad about yourself. Not everyone you occasionally hang out with is your friend, but those who you recognize from this list of things friends do for each other are.

friends1. They’re always there for you

Friends are people who would pick up the phone when you call them in the middle of the night to come over to comfort you because you can’t sleep. They’d drive for hours just to give you a hug and listen to your concerns. They’re those who’d celebrate your accomplishments with you and support you. What are friends there for? Well, they’re there for you, whether you’re feeling down or throwing a party.

2. They don’t judge you

You can be yourself around these people and freely say what’s on your mind. They accept you for who you are, so you don’t need to pretend around them. You’re comfortable in their presence because they never judge you; even if others would – friends got your back and are on your side. Most of the time, people who judge you don’t really know the whole story and don’t look at things from your perspective. Friends know you well enough to accept both your virtues and your flaws because no one’s perfect anyway.

friends3. They don’t put you down

People who make you feel bad about yourself don’t wish you well, so they’re not really your friends. Of course, your friends will tell you what’s bothering them about you or joke around a little, but they won’t intentionally hurt you or make you feel bad. They don’t wish you harm and want you to be happy. There’s a rule that says that if you notice something negative about someone’s appearance and they can’t change it in 10 seconds, you shouldn’t even mention it. Friends will give you compliments, and they won’t badmouth you to others.

4. They are kind and respectful

A friend is a person who isn’t your partner or your family, but you share close affection and a strong bond. You are kind to each other and wish each other well. You can have casual friends and close friends, but they should all be respectful and treat you well. They should make you feel safe and comfortable.

5. You enjoy their company

Simply put, these are the people you enjoy spending time with. They make you feel good and full of energy. If it feels like some of your friends are constantly draining your energy no matter the situation they’re in, something in your relationship isn’t right. Friends are supposed to make you feel good and full of positive energy.

friends6. They are loyal and keep your secrets

People who share your secrets with others might be your friends, but they are certainly not good friends. Friends are loyal and trustworthy, and you know that you could tell them anything. They won’t talk about you behind your back, so if you have a friend who likes to gossip and they trash talk about other friends when they talk to you, rest assured that they talk about you to others the same way. True friends wouldn’t do anything to break your trust and they’re honest with you. Even if you don’t like to hear the truth, they will say it, which brings us to the next things friends are there for.

7. They are willing to bury the hatchet

What are friends there for? When you think about it, you surely don’t imagine fights and arguments. The truth is, these things happen in all relationships, including friendly ones. You are going to fight with your friends but what makes them true friends is that they’ll be willing to bury the hatchet. Most fights aren’t really reasons for ending the friendship, and people just need some time to cool down so that they could forgive each other.

friends8. You laugh together

Naturally, friends are people you have fun with. You joke around and laugh together which is one of the reasons you like hanging out with them. These are the people that know how to cheer you up, and you probably share a similar sense of humor. You can’t be easily offended when you’re joking around with friends because you know that these people just want to make you laugh and mean no harm.

9. They empathize with you

What are friends there for if not to be compassionate and empathize with you when you’re happy or sad? These people will be there to comfort you when you’re feeling down and congratulate you when you’re celebrating something. Whatever it may be that you’re going through, your friends will feel for you and offer their help or a shoulder to cry on.

friends10. They make you smile

These people want you to be happy, so they’ll try to make you smile. They’ll want you to feel good around them and know that they like you for who you are. Your friends aren’t the ones who make you cry, they’re the ones who wipe those tears away.

Unfortunately, most people have very few friends, no matter how many people they know, but those who do the things from the list are the ones you certainly want to keep in your life. They’re true friends, and you’ll always know that you can count on them. Send them a text right now to let them know how much your friendship means to you!