This is why most people love cats more than dogs

To choose between a dog or a cat when deciding to get a pet may be somewhat difficult. While both animals are great options, they are distinctively different from each other. Evidently, cats are mostly favorites, largely because of their appealing traits, including cleanliness, ease of care, etc. This article examines the major reasons most people prefer cats to dogs as their family pets.

Top 7 Reasons People Love Cats More Than Dogs

  1. Cats do not occupy much space.

Have you ever tried sharing a bed with a dog before? If yes, you can attest that dogs enjoy taking tons of space. Their size accounts for their somewhat excessive love for stretching, disregarding someone’s personal space. Also, dogs demand space for exercise and play, particularly so they can live healthily.

However, cats, on the contrary, do not need such an amount of space. Once you can provide their essentials, such as water and food dishes, litter boxes, etc., your cat’s happiness is guaranteed 100%.

  1. Cats can conveniently live an indoors-only lifestyle

Dogs can’t stay all day indoors. They require lots of exercise, plenty of walks, and sunshine to stay happy and healthy. Dogs with restricted mobility often experience major challenges, ranging from mild to death-threatening experiences.

Apart from being safer with an indoor-only lifestyle, cats are typically happier when they are curled up at their favorite (indoor) spots, whether next to a window on a sunny area on the couch. They do not need to be walked or exercised to stay healthy, unlike dogs.

  1. Cats splash less

If you study the two animals painstakingly, you will realize cats drink water more efficiently than dogs. For instance, unlike dogs that pierce water’s surface with their tongues when drinking, cats carve their tongues into a funnel-like shape, lifting the water up, eliminating water splashes. Scientifically, dogs droll while cats rule!


  1. Cats are cheaper

Cats are generally cheaper to purchase and maintain. The cost of buying dog breeds is generally higher than the adoption fees of cats and kittens, especially during kitten seasons.

Also, the cost of maintaining a dog is far higher than that of cats. For instance, dogs are “destroyers.” They are typically quick to destroy their toys, food plates, etc. Dog toys are made from tougher materials, which makes them more expensive. Replacing such costs too often skyrockets your supply costs for such a dog. However, on the other hand, cat toys are relatively cheaper, and a few can even be done personally.

Also, walking your dog can be cost-intensive. Dog walkers averagely charge between %15 to $20 per 20-minute. Considering how important it is to walk dogs, especially for health reasons, you would know these costs cannot be evaded. Cats, on the contrary, do not need such walks, as explained in earlier bullet points.

  1. They are quieter

Even the smallest dogs make noise, you can ask the “biggest” dog lovers. Such noise can be pretty annoying, especially when it lasts for a longer period – incessant barking.

Of course, cats make noise, too, especially when they are most active (at night). However, comparatively, dogs make the loudest noise. Typically, cats’ purrs and meows are relatively quieter.

Cats VS Dogs

  1. They clean themselves

Dogs need to be bathed and groomed regularly because of their weird love of staying around and rolling in dirty stuff, whether poops, dead animals, garbage, etc. However, cats typically self-clean themselves. Basically, cats do not like you interfering in their bathroom activities. Apart from clipping their nails and grooming them, you may not need to do any other cleaning activity for them – they are fine on their own!

  1. Cats offer health benefits.

It is popularly believed that pet ownership offers increases the lifespan of owners. However, cats offer their owners a few other health benefits, including joint mobility, therapeutic healing abilities, and others.