Old mobile phones

Old Phone: How To Recycle, Upcycle, Donate Or Sell Yours

Globally, industry giants sell over a billion new phones annually. Wear, tear, and becoming outdated is an eventuality for most electronic devices including phones. In the United States, phone users purchase a new phone bi-annually. Manufacturers are always finding new ways of selling you shiny new phones. The question remains; how do we dispose of our old phones?

When phones end up in landfills, there is a lot of irreversible environmental damage that might occur. Phones contain toxic substances such as lead and chromium. When exposed to the human body, these substances are capable of causing damage to organs such as kidneys, blood, and the nervous system. Read on how to properly dispose of our old gadgets.

Recycling Phones 

According to environmental agencies, olds phones are only refurbished 25% of the time. As opposed to destroying your phone, the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) advocates for recycling. Several companies work hand in hand with recyclers to rightfully dispose of electronic waste. Such companies are capable of environmentally safe phone destruction. This allows for the proper recycling of reusable parts or the device as a whole. This allows for the phones to be refurbished and then redistributed. Supposed the phones are non-functional, they can still be mined for rare earth materials found in electronic devices and the rest of the phone casing recycled as scrap waste.

Upcycling Old PhonesUsing A Phone For Navigation

There are numerous that you can repurpose your old devices. Moreover, smartphones come with various neat features that make them a useful tool in everyday life. These include basic functions as a torch to smart digital assistants. You can repurpose your old phones for various uses including;

  • Dedicated camera for home projects.
  • A car accessory as a GPS tool for driving directions.
  • A stand-alone Sound Assistant for your old speakers.
  • A dedicated wireless telephone for the phone.

Donating Phones 

By the time smartphone users are acquiring new phones, the ones they are using are mostly still in perfect condition. Firstly, donating your phone means that you are helping someone in need to access technology. Additionally, you are actively contributing to environmental conservation by reducing waste in landfills. Old phones can be donated to charity organizations that refurbish the devices for use in other parts of the world. These can include developing countries where they are used in medical facilities. These medical facilities track disease outbreaks and communicate about medical emergencies using these donated phones.

Phones can also be donated to nonprofit groups which sell the gadget to recycling companies. The money collected is then used in charity services as seen in the purchase of prepaid calling cards for seniors or children with special needs. Before donating your phone, remember to delete all your personal information. However, any collected information from donated phones is very confidential and is never used for marketing or advertising purposes.

Selling Your PhoneMan Holding Credit Card

A quick search on the internet on how to resell one’s phone reveals dozens of companies that buy and resell used phones. You can get a good return from your old phone. This depends on your phone model, phone’s age, and design.

One only needs to state your phone model, storage capacity, and current conditions to generate free online quotes. Accepting a quote means that the seller will mail off the phone to the company. The seller will then receive the agreed payment through their preferred option of payment. One can also directly sell the phones through online listings. This way, you can freely negotiate prices with the buyer.

Pro to directly selling your phone

  • One has no obligation to accept any undesired offers.
  • Chance of making exactly what the phone is currently worth in the market.

Cons of Selling directly

  • Chances of getting scammed
  • Requires meeting the buyer in person which may result in security risks especially to minors.

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, you have multiple options on how to dispose of your old phone. Stacking it in your drawer is not an option as it only accumulates hazardous E-waste. Recycling, donating, and reselling your phone is a sure way of contributing to sustainability through effective waste management.