Seven Car Accessories You Should Try

The vast growth in the automotive tech industry provides the need for upgrades in car accessories to enhance your driving. Such novel accessories make car rides all the more exciting. With a variety of options to choose from, these accessories will guarantee you a safe, smooth, and more pleasant ride. So, if you find such accessories interesting, here is a selection of the best Car Accessories You Can Try.

Tile MateCar key

We all know the headache that comes with misplacing your car keys. Fortunately, Tile Mate provides the perfect solution to this. This gadget attaches to your car keys, and you can:

  • Ring it from your phone until you track it down
  •  Turn to the app to identify its last sight.
  • Press the button on the Tile Mate, and it’ll ring your phone if misplaced, and it’ll make noise even on silent mode.

Car Dash Cam

A car dash cam is a small digital camera mounted to the dashboard or windscreen. It is one of the best car accessories you should try. It can record and capture crystal clear videos and images whenever you are on a journey. It’s a vital product that ensures your safety on the road should you get involved in an incident. A dash cam is a must-own device and is highly recommended for the numerous benefits they offer.

Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

With a Bluetooth in-car speakerphone, you can link your phone to it and have a hands-free calling experience. Using this device, you can effortlessly and securely converse with people on your contact list while driving. Besides, you can listen to music from your phone on the car radio wirelessly if your vehicle does not support inbuilt Bluetooth stereo.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

How often have you had to stop your journey due to a low tire pressure? A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is among the best car accessories you should try. It registers the tire pressure of each individual tire and signals the driver, either through a pictogram, gauge, or a simple low-pressure warning light. This helps you properly inflate your tires before commencing a journey and will keep you safe from accidents occurring from under-inflated tires.

Car Jump Starter KitBattery Starter Cables

This handy tool must be on your car accessories list, according to experts. It’s not a guarantee that there will always be somebody around you to help you jump-start your car when the vehicle battery runs out of charge. With a Car Jump Starter Kit, you can effortlessly jump starter your car thanks to its inbuilt battery pack. Remember, this also a source of power backup, some offering charging to mobile devices and other accessories.

Car Seat Massage

Start-Stop traffic may have you endure a long, frustrating and tiresome journey. Car Seat Massage is the right car accessory will those trips a little more relaxing. The design fits comfortably behind your neck and body. A car seat massage alleviates muscle tension, discomfort, and pain you feel while driving by offering therapeutic massages on the back and neck. A Car Seat Massager will be one of your best accessories if you spend a lot of time in traffic.

GPS Tracker

GPS Trackers are among the best car accessories you can try. They are designed to allows car owners to track the location of the car over a cellular network. Since they provide real-time car tracking, they can be used as part of security measures to ensuring the safety of your car. They also offer novel features that help to monitor statistics such as average speed and fuel distance traveled. These can help you cut on your fuel cost and plan your commutes accordingly. Besides, parents get to know the location of their children in case they are using their cars.

We hope you find an accessory that suits your driving style or outdoor activities. Most newer vehicles come with some these tech installed so be sure to check with your owners manual before going shopping. Our favorite novel accessory is the Tile as until recently, it was a unique offering solving every driver’s nightmare that is misplaced car keys.