The Greatest Small Cars Ever Made

While the world is busy searching for the greenest, most efficient, or fastest SUV cars, we would like you to meet some of the greatest small cars ever made. Accordingly, most of the greatest small cars offer cutting-edge technology, streamlined efficiency, and all types of wonderful value. After all, that is what the greatest little cars are truly about. Also, since most of these incredible cars are iconic and rare, they are great when you are a car collector looking for interesting masterpieces. In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the greatest small cars ever made.

1.   Austin Seven (1922)

This super little car is the product of the expertise and knowledge of the famous Austin Seven. The car was so good that French outfit Rosengart and BMW licensed the design, while car manufacturer like Datsun just copied the car design. The Austin Seven (1922) is one of the most admired car models created for the British market, and they sold well abroad. The effect of the Austin Seven (1922) on the British market looks like what the Ford Model T did in the United States.

2.   Ford Model Y

This model was the first Ford car specifically designed for market outside the United States.

And it made Ford a powerhouse in Europe, giving people of modest means a more stylish option than the Austin Seven for almost the same price. During the mid-30s, the Ford Model Y accounted for about 40 percent of sales in the 8hp taxation class.

Over 157,000 units of cars were built between 1932 and 1937. The car was the replacement for the Model A on the British market. The Ford Model Y has a couple of derivatives, but it is still being built as late as 1959.

3.   Citroën 2CV (1948)

  Citroën 2CV

This Citroën 2CV model has one of the most recognizable car shapes ever. Unlike the Volkswagen and Ford Model T, the Citroën 2CV was not targeted at workers and citizens, most of the populations of France, including farmers. So, the car is designed and produced to serve the people that previously couldn’t afford to buy a car. The production of this Citroën 2CV model lasted over 40 years, with about 4 million built.

4.   Fiat 500 (1957)

3 fiats in the first 6 cars prove that this car manufacturer likes the small stuff. Now, most people’s demand has made the car manufacturer bring the special Fiat 500 (1957) back to the American market. While the new Fiat 500 tooth may be getting slightly, the company has been steadily updating the car since its launch in 2012. The new car includes a bunch of retro-inspired styling additions, most of which are based on the 1957 Fiat 500.

5.   Renault 5 (1972)

Michel Boué is the Renault stylist that came up with the design for the Renault 5 (1972) as an extra-curricular activity; the board was so impressed that the design was put into production unchanged. The Renault 5 was produced in December 1971 and went on to sell over 5.5 million units, and its production runs until 1996.

The small car would feature most of the proven technology introduced in Renault 4 and 6, with front-wheel drive and a choice between a 956 cc Renault developing 44 bhp for the TL and a 782 cc engine rated at 33.5 bhp for the L version.


It takes a lot more ingenuity to produce these brilliant small cars. The small cars discussed above are some of the greatest small cars ever made, mostly because they are made different, popular, and innovative.