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Solutions to Never Losing Your Car Keys Again

It’s interesting how our minds quickly forget vital things like where we’ve placed our car keys. I know this has happened to you, not once, not twice but severally. You are about to leave the house; you are late, while heading at the door, you realize your car keys are nowhere to be seen. You clearly can’t remember where you kept them.

You embark on a search. After about five minutes of what seems like a treasure hunt, you find them hidden on your coach or worst of all lying on top of the fridge. Do you know there are ways to avoid this?

Here are some solutions to never losing your car keys again:

Designate a Special Place for Your Car Keys

Just like your utensils have a designated place, your car keys as well need a place to call “home”. Designating a special place for your car keys makes it easier for you not to lose them and avoid getting late. These special places could be a hook at your living room or bedroom door, the draw in your closet, or an attached magnet by the front door.

Being organized is quite effective in keeping track of not only your car keys but also a myriad of other things that you keep losing track of. This routine will give an easy time to both you and your family members in placing the car keys in their right position.

Use a Bigger Key Holder to Make Your Car Keys More Visible

Bunch of car Keys

It’s more difficult to locate a single key than a bunch of keys with an attractive holder. Car keys might hide deep in your pouch, your office, or home seat. Devising a vibrant tassel as your key holder makes your keys more visible and attractive; not easy to lose from your sight. Besides, it adds a sprint of glamour to your outlook.

Add a Tile or AirTag to Track Your Car Keys

The world is full of tech advancements and now, problems are easily solved. We can effortlessly keep track of our possessions with tech by use of a Tile or AirTags. These are  small Bluetooth trackers that can be paired to both Android or iOS devices. You can attach the device to your car keys to track them on a map when misplaced with the use of finding apps on the devices.

Stop Cluttering

We often fill our homes with numerous things of no use to us. Cluttering creates “hide-outs” for misplaced things. With a smartly organized home, objects are carefully placed in the right position making it easy to spot a lost car key. Ensure there are minimal heaps of paper, and all other items like toys are gathered in one collection. It’ll be helpful to quickly spot missing keys.

Say The words “Car Keys” as You Search

This sounds silly, true? A study was done in Madison at the University of Wisconsin where participants kept calling the item they were searching for. Those that said the item names continuously, found them more quickly than those who made no sound.

You can as well try out this magic. It’s fascinating. Remember you need to speak the words “car keys” severally while searching.

Start Searching


Most times we panic when we realize we’ve lost something, worst of all when we’re about to leave and it seems like time is so much spent. However, the best thing to do is composing ourselves, staying calm, and trying to retrace the last steps with the car keys in hand.

Beginning from the last place you had the keys, thoroughly search moving from one room to the other.  Do not forget to search possible places like your bag, coat, table. These are the places you most likely have left or someone else must have placed them there for you. Keep tracking your steps, you’ll find them.


It’s easy to forget where we’ve left our car keys. But don’t fret. The solutions above will guarantee you an easy time storing and tracing your keys.