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Face Recognition: A New Way for Our Life Security?

Is face recognition a new way for our life security? Can this technology help governments around the globe to prevent criminal activities and keep our lives safe? Some experts claim that this technology hasn’t developed enough to be used in crime detection. There is a risk that people who haven’t committed any crime would go to jail even if they are innocent.

On the other hand, the most developed countries put a lot of their attention on this technology because it can be used to identify and verify people through their photos, videos, and in real-time. In other words, face recognition is all around us without us even being aware of it. It is not science fiction anymore.

We already use it on our smartphones through the Face ID feature. By using the feature, only an owner of a phone with his or her face can unlock the phone screen. Many popular models like iPhone XS, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, or Samsung Galaxy S10 use face recognition technology for security purposes.

How Does Face Recognition Work?

woman's face recognitionFace recognition technology uses already created computer algorithms to detect details on a person’s face. Therefore, when an image is captured, the system should determine the eyes’ location, space between eyes, and the shape of the chin. Next, a picture should be converted into a mathematical expression. This is called a face template.

When the system compares two face templates, it actually compares data collected in a face recognition database. So before an image is stored in the database, it should go through a specific process. First, the image should be cropped and converted to grayscale. Second, the image should be converted to a template. Last but not least, the image should be used by computer algorithms.

Finally, the system is able to compare two different templates! To identify an unknown person, a face recognition system should match the face of an unknown person with a specific face template in the database.

Although these systems are perfectly designed, there are some common problems they have such as low-quality pictures or videos, poor lighting, false negative or false positive results, etc.

The Advantages of Face Recognition Technology

Millions of people have already used the technology through their mobile phones. As we said earlier, the Face ID feature on your mobile phone helps you unlock the device with your face. However, there are many other benefits of using this technology. Face recognition makes our world safer and much smarter!

  • Prevents retail crime: All people who are stored in a face recognition database as criminals have a significantly lower chance of committing a crime. According to some reports, there are 91% fewer incidents in retail stores.
  • Find missing people and pets: Can you imagine how important this technology is in these situations? You only need the picture of a missing person in a face recognition database, and he or she can be identified fast! Many lives of missing children or victims of human trafficking have been saved this way.
  • Protects law enforcement: There are many face recognition apps like FaceFirst, which helps police officers in identifying criminals from a safe distance! This application gives them enough time to prepare certain actions when it comes to dangerous individuals.
  • Protects schools from dangerous people: Whether it is a kidnapper, drug dealer, or some other individual, this technology raises school security to a higher level. It can also be used to monitor student attendance and ensure they don’t skip classes.
  • Makes air traveling more enjoyable: As you probably know, many modern airports use face recognition. It makes the whole process of getting on a plane faster, easier, and safer!