Top 8 Exotic Fruits From the Last Season

For a lot of us who live in the Western world, a trip to the grocery store is pretty mundane when it comes to the fruit section. We often see oranges, apples, bananas, and if we are lucky, we will find some mangoes. Unfortunately, fruit selections, even in your favorite farmer’s market, are very limited.

But you would be surprised that there are actually exotic fruits that are grown in the United States.

Here are the top 8 exotic fruits that you can grow in the USA.


Avocados are pretty common in the USA, but you would be surprised that avocados were pretty new to American consumers once upon a time. But nowadays, avocados are a pretty staple in an average American kitchen.

If you haven’t tried avocados, do not be dismayed by its green-colored flesh.

Avocados are very delicious, and they have a smooth texture. These make them great on salads, sandwiches, and even in dressings. You can also use avocados as an alternative to oil or butter to add healthy fat to your body.


Another exotic fruit that we are familiar with is pineapples. While pineapples are considered exotic, you would be surprised to know that you can grow them in your very own yard.

Like other exotic fruits, pineapples are common in tropical countries because they need a lot of suns. A pineapple plant can only produce one fruit at a time. It takes at least two years before you could harvest your fruit from your pineapple plant.

Dragon Fruit

If you’re like me, who likes watching the Food Network channel, there’s a big chance that you have seen a strange-looking fruit called Dragon Fruit.

Dragon fruits might look strange with their magenta-colored flesh, but these are very sweet, and they even taste better when chilled.

You can use dragon fruit for salad dressings, smoothies, and even homemade wines.

Finger Limes

These finger-shaped limes, also known as the caviar of limes, have green and oily skin that is also very fragrant. Finger limes are very common in Australia, and we only started growing them in the United States recently.

Finger limes are great with sushi, and they also look appetizing on the plate. Its unique flavor and appearance make them one of the most interesting exotic fruits you will see.

While they look very interesting and smell good, finger limes are also very delicious. The little beads of juice inside would burst into your mouth make these exotic fruits amazing.


Everyone is familiar with banana, but it is considered an exotic fruit tree. Bananas come in different varieties and could grow in mainland America.

A banana tree can be grown about twenty-five feet tall, and it has large leaves. There are different kinds of banana trees, so make sure that you know what variety you are growing in your yard.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruits are grown in vines, and you can actually use them as a decoration on your fence. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone; decorative and yet delicious exotic fruit!

This exotic fruit produces crunchy seeds within its sacs of sweet juice. They are also easy to grow, but be careful because they can be intrusive in your garden.

Meyer Lemon

Meyer lemon is one of the most popular exotic fruit in the citrus clan. Meyer lemons are sweet, and they have less tart than the traditional lemon. They are mostly used in desserts and drinks like cocktails and lemonade. The rind of Meyer lemons is also used in cooking to add more flavor.


Another entry from the citrus family. Pomelo is a citrus fruit that originally comes from Southeast Asia. It is like a large grapefruit minus the bitterness.