Skydiving Over A Foggy Coast

The 7 Best Skydiving Locations Around The World

If you love traveling but are looking for something a little more extreme than wine tours and a good night’s sleep, consider sky diving. This extreme sport takes you high about the habitable zones of the earth and lets you take in one-of-a-kind views as you descend. Beginners can jump with someone else in a tandem jump, while experienced jumpers can do it alone. Check out these places for amazing skydiving experiences.

Saitama Japan

Skydiving near Tokyo Japan lets you see the city from way above before descending into the countryside. Breathtaking views of the mountains and ocean greet you before you touch down in a private field. Tandem jumps, photography, and even videography packages make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lima Peru

This bustling metropolis is mind-boggling when viewed from 30,000 feet in the air. Fields, pyramids, and modern city structures blend together in a checkered quilt that showcases Peruvian culture from above. The most common package in Peru is a tandem jump, but group jumps are also available.

Skydivers Before Pulling Their CordsMangatāwhiri (Mercer) New Zealand

New Zealand is known as the land of the long white cloud because it often has rolling fluffy clouds across the entire island. These clouds mean that the earth suddenly appears in a breathtaking moment when you skydive off the coast. Jumping in the south island lets you see across the entire country in some areas before you touch down in lush rolling hills. This is a more advanced jump, although tandem options are available. Don’t forget to visit the actual Hobbit village where many of the hit movies were filmed.

Kauai Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are filled with lush vegetation and surrounded by sparkling blue water. When diving from above they look like little specks before growing bigger and bigger in the glistening sea. The experience of skydiving in Hawaii has been compared to the feeling of watching an island being born. Formed volcanos and lush jungles can also be seen during these dives, creating a must-see experience.

Durban South Africa

A bit more rural than a lot of places on this list, the Durban jump provides a longer descent time, but great company. The South African countryside is spread before you, showcasing the beauty and bounty of this country. Receiving high ratings across the board from both old and new jumpers, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will make your day amazing.

Narnaul India

The only drop zone in all of India, Narnaul offers tandem and line jump options, but no solo options. The only chance that you have of seeing India from the sky, is worth the two-hour trip from New Dehli to make this jump. The true vastness of the Indian countryside cannot be understood until you can see rice paddies alongside fields and farms that have stood for as long as history itself. Transport to and from the site is available from most hotels.

Hanoi Vietnam

One of the only locations where you can skydive in all of Southeast Asia, the Hanoi drop zone takes you alongside the city and out into nature. Witness the power of ancient rivers and see where the city and the countryside meet. There are several tour operators in the area and each has a slightly different area where they drop.

Whitefish Montana, USA

A little known gem in the skydiving world, Montana is known as big sky country. Plenty of untouched wildness, access to natural parks, and big open skys make this state perfect for skydiving. Cheap prices make this a great option for travelers on a budget. Jumping here you feel like the sky stretches on for miles, while you can see across mountains, rivers, and even giant gorges before gently settling down.