Lady with a travel bag

The Top 10 Traveling Taboos You Should Break Right Now

We all find traveling exciting in most instances of our lives. The refreshment that comes from interacting with different people, cultures, and environments is irreplaceable. But has your excitement ever been cut short due to some taboos? Or do you limit yourself by your travel taboos? You should enjoy traveling now by breaking some of these taboos. While it may seem odd, illegal, or dangerous, sometimes breaking a taboo might be the best way to introspect while traveling. 

To have an exhilarating travel experience and an easy way to stay safe as you break the taboos, follow these 10 guidelines:

Travel Alone

Heading out to a new destination alone sounds scary. First experiences are always filled with doubt and loneliness. But try to get on your next trip alone; don’t think too much into it and instead just go for it. Traveling alone will help you discover your creativity and transform your perspectives. The strength to take up that journey alone will be the beginning of your flexibility in taking up new opportunities and friendships.

Travel to the Unpopular PlacesTraveler hiking

While watching travel documentaries, you might have come across some exciting places that you hardly even knew existed. Travel to these eerie places that record few tourists. Some of the unpopular places are scarcely pointed out in guide books.

Try Eating Local Foods

As you enjoy your new location, try available foods from the community. Prior research on local foods and the best eateries will come in handy. Instead of eating meals you are used to, try eating from the local places with quality food. You might just find your new favorite food.

Travel without Itinerary or PlanLady with map

Are you a planner? One that ensures everything is written, organized, and well researched? Planning every bit of your journey closes you from trying out new adventures. Break away from norms and let out your travel spirit.

Try Making a Trip Without Saving

Travel without saving sounds awkward right? I know traveling is expensive and much is spent on tickets, however you can manage with the little money you have. As long as you can buy a ticket, go have fun and make memories on that trip you’ve longed for. You are bound to be amazed at how cheap your trip may cost when you haven’t saved for a whole year for it. Visiting free-to-view places will help you save up for food and have enough for sustenance.

Carry a Light LuggageTravel bag with Visa blurred

The excitement that comes with traveling for the first time will make you pack everything. Guess what, it’s alright to go easy on the packing. Identify what is indispensable, pack, and leave. The magic of traveling light is an adventure, you can move with ease.

Find Cheap Accommodation

I know most people think the pleasure of a trip is staying at a 5-star hotel. But I’m here to purge that notion for you. You can now easily find affordable housing thanks to Airbnb and home-stays. Be open to making new memories.

Do Not Limit your Travel Time

With visas that limit your stay, you’re bound to travel back without total relaxation or adventure. Why not take upon trips that allow you to stay longer? Pack your bags and don’t book a return ticket. Travel to your destination, enjoy your stay and when you have seen it all, travel back home exhilarated.

Avoid RemindersWoman Vacationing

Augustine of Hippo summarizes it for us, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page”. Do you want to limit your experience by keeping tabs on what friends or family recommended? To read all of your life pages, throw away reminders and let loose, treat yourself to some exciting stuff.

Travel to Undefined Locations

You might make plans to travel to specific destinations but be open to uncertainties. Rome it is, but unwittingly, flights to that destination are canceled. Do not cancel your trip, research other pleasant places and go. A little surprise awaits you.

Traveling is exhilarating, but you have limited it to packing bags, buying tickets, planning and so much more. Break those taboos right now and give in to new things, thank me later.