Here are Some of the World’s most Vegan-Friendly Places

A plant-based diet is becoming popular across the world. The concept is called veganism in which a person avoids meat and only consumes vegetables in different forms. As vegans are growing, so is the demand for vegan-friendly restaurants and food outlets!

People who only like to eat vegan food, are always searching for vegan-friendly destinations, and to cater to their needs, some urban cities have updated their food menus. This has also promoted vegan tourism, as travelers who want plant-based food only will most likely want to stay at hotels and eat at restaurants that cater to their food choice.

1. London, UK

UK’s most vegan food options are available in the grand city of London. Here, you will find many vegan food stalls, restaurants, cafes of your liking. Here are five top veggie lover eatery picks, in case you’re arranging a dinner out:

1. By ChloeSituated in Covent Garden and Tower Bridge, it’s a veggie-lover quick easygoing eatery.

2. Club Mexicana: Situated in Dinerama, it is a veggie-lover Mexican eatery.

3. Gauthier Soho: It’s not completely vegetarian yet, but a lot of veggie lover choices on the menu to stall out into.

4. Sanctuary of Seitan: Situated in Camden and Hackney, this is a vegetarian singed chicken inexpensive food-style café.

5. Vantra Loungevity: Situated in Wardour Street, this is a relaxing bar serving steamed and crude veggie lover food.

2. Newyork City, USA

If you have heard of New York as the global food capital of the world then you have heard it right! New York is considered by numerous travelers for its inconceivably different assortment of cooking styles. Its vegetarian scene keeps on thriving as it has 111 vegan restaurants serving delicious food in a five-mile sweep of the city.

1. Delice and Sarrasin: A french restaurant serving stunning veggie-lover crepes and other variants both tasty and delicious.

2. Avant Garden: Serving contemporary, fine veggie lover feasting, this is a perfect restaurant for flavorful decisions.

3. Franchia Vegan CafeA vegan restaurant serving a large menu of veggie-lover Korean/Asian combination food.

4. P.S. Kitchen: Serves a high-quality menu of little and enormous plates, treats, and bar drinks.

5. Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian: Restaurant Serving Chinese vegan dishes.

 3. Melbourne, Australia

With a lot of wonderful options to please even the fussiest of eaters, Melbourne is a vegetarian voyagers heaven. Here are our five top café you can eat in:

1. Crossways: Here you will find a vegan menu with an all-vegetarian buffet for lunch.

2. Realfoods Organic Cafe: Here you will find an assortment of crude vegetarian food and gluten-free dinners.

3. Master of the Fries: Here you will find cheap and affordable food with more than 6 branches spread in the city.

4. Saravana Bhavan: Here you will find an international vegan chain that sells South Indian cuisine but meat-free recipes only.

5. Smoothme Superfood Bar: Here you will find a vegetarian bar that serves açaí bowls and smoothies just as cheesecake and appetizing bagels.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and really well known among travelers around the world for its modest bars, rich history, and pleasing architecture. It’s additionally a perfect area for vegan meals, with a lot of assortment on offer.

1. Madal Food:  Restaurant serving vegetable pasta with a variety of pasta choices.

2. Moderate Foodiez: Restaurant serving Hungarian dishes among choices like Spanish omelet and sushi.

3. Vegazzi: A Neopolitan pizza parlor serving vegetable pizzas only.

4. Napfenyes Restaurant: Restaurant serving Hungarian traditional vegetable meals.

5. Szabad Bisztro: Restaurant serving an assortment of sandwiches, bagels, and obviously, brew.

5. Chennai, India

Chennai, situated on the eastern shore of India offers numerous cafés with veggie lover choices. Here are the top five vegan restaurants:

1. Crude Routine: serves sugar stick mixes,  smoothies, cold-squeezed juices, and servings of mixed greens.

2. Wild Garden Cafe at Amethyst: offering tasty food including tofu scramble and other vegetables meals.

3. Ananda Bhavan: Inspired by Southern Indian taste, this restaurant serves traditional vegetarian food.

4. Annalakshmi: another great veggie eatery serving Southern Indian-motivated vegetarian food.

5. Blossom Drum: a veggie-lover eatery serving Indian, Chinese, and Thai food with a lot of vegetarian food on offer.