All the Amazing Features of the Mercedes Automobiles

Mercedes-Benz makes most likely the most luxurious, advanced, and performance-oriented cars on Earth. Even its close competitors will hardly tell you that this status is a fluke. In 1886, the founder, Karl Benz, introduced the first petrol-powered car. From then on, the company’s vehicles, commonly known as the Mercedes, have kept getting better. They are getting more synonymous with luxury and safety.

Today, we’ll have a look at the fantastic features of Mercedes automobiles. Let’s drive deep into the details.

Customized Digital Instrument Cluster

Unlike the petrol-powered car we talked about a little earlier, the modern Mercedes automobiles feature a customizable digital instrument cluster that enhances your safety. Depending on your model, you’ll have at least four selectable designs, responsive touch controls that quickly make scrolling a breeze, and a wide assortment of classic layout options.

The multi-function gauges, vehicle information readouts, and illustrations are designed with the driver’s convenience in mind. They make plenty of valuable data that helps to enhance the driver’s safety readily available.

Touchpad Controller

The touchpad controller of the Mercedes keeps getting better by the day. For example, the large touchpad in the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 and the subsequent models function as smartphones. It is also easy to use and accommodates all hand sizes. What’s more, it has an exceptionally high degree of accuracy that alerts when you need to adjust specific settings and activate different features to enhance your safety and get the best experience.

Driving Themes

The Driving Themes offers you a wide array of programs to enjoy. It perfectly customizes the following:

  • Instrument design
  • Driving mode
  • The ambient lighting
  • Infotainment display

On the Driving Theme’s menu, you conveniently find the Mercedes, Lounge, Adventure, Experience, Trip, and Standard. That’s not all. If you want a custom profile for any reason, you can go ahead and create one.

Dashboard Climate Vents

If you’ve heard someone criticize the Mercedes over a fake vent installed on the dashboard, you can tell they don’t know something important. The latest models currently feature at least four climate vents that are designed to do a perfect job. You’ll find them centrally located on the dashboard.

Air Quality

The Mercedes EQS are examples of models that add the Energizer Air Control Option that gives you complete control over the environment. When you are inside the car, you won’t breathe in contaminated air. 5The package comes with a High-Efficiency-Particulate Air filter that can reduce nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and general odors if you enable the recirculation setting. It detects dirty air quickly and will eliminate it from the car even before you set a foot inside it.

Active Ambient Lighting

The dynamic ambient lighting is made up of lots of LEDs to make your riding experience remarkable. The manufacturer has fully integrated this feature into the driver assistance systems for timely and effective visual feedback on commands and situations.  

Forward-Looking Design

The traditional Mercedes saloons had a long flat bonnet and a rounded roofline. Mercedes has invented a brand new look that has caught many of its fans unprepared. They are pleasantly surprised. The automaker is now playing with a seamless design.

 If you look at the Mercedes EQS, you see that new design. It looks like a single great curve, particularly from the sides. The redesigned pop-out door handles play a significant role in adding to this outstanding appearance.

At the front, the modern Mercedes gets a blanked-off trim piece that sets it apart from the chrome-grille versions. At the back, you find brake lights that stretch the car’s entire width.

Wrapping Up

These are all the amazing features of the Mercedes that we could cover today. You can find others that you can’t afford to ignore. Feel free to study the unique features of your preferred Mercedes model, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the luxurious automobiles have much more for you.