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Advantages of Google Cloud Platform for Businesses

The current era is the era of cloud computing where software and hardware co-exist in data centers remotely. Google Cloud platform is among the leading cloud service providers with rich functionalities like high-end security, affordability, usability, scalability, and numerous other benefits.

GCP is getting popular among small to medium-sized businesses due to the reasonable costs and wide array of features.

Services and Tools Offered by GCP

Google offers a wide range of robust, superior quality services and tools responsible for enhancing your business processes to a higher level.

The core services offered by GCP include:

  • Storage and Databases
  • Networking
  • Computing
  • Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Computing
  • Management Tools
  • Security and Identity

The tools provided by google cloud belong to the following categories:

  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a service)
  • PaaS (Platform as a service)
  • SaaS (Software as a service)

Benefits of Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform is growing fast due to the amazing features for startups and small businesses. Google is continuously upgrading its tools and service to provide the best quality services to its valued customers.

The most recent improvement is the acquisition of Cornerstone technology that enables easy migration of mainframe workloads.

GCP benefits for businesses

The amazing benefits of GCP include the following:

Affordable Prices

The pricing structure of Google Cloud beats all the other competitors. They offer smart discounts from time to time to help businesses grow with reduced costs. The discounts are based on sustained usage.

Users have to maintain a certain workload for some time to win the discounts. The period is as short as two weeks.

The simplicity of the pricing model and the probability of winning amazing discounts make this platform highly recommended for consistent businesses.

Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI)

These two advanced technologies have taken over the IT industry in recent years. GCP offers these sophisticated services and it is easier for businesses to implement ML and AI-based technologies on applications built on the Google Cloud Platform.

GCP is relatively good at handling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning workloads with high-end performance. This factor has made GCP more popular among organizations as compared to other similar platforms.

Private Fiber Network

GCP is a standalone unit and has fewer tie-ins with other Google services. However, Google has access to the impressive infrastructure of private fiber networks.

These networks offer speedy and improved performance as compared to standard networking solutions. Utilizing this network costs more as compared to the standard one and is recommended for businesses that can afford it.

Hybrid and Multi-cloud Strategy

The hybrid and multi-cloud technology have made GCP stand out among the pool of cloud service providers. A framework called Anthos has been designed for running workloads on multiple clouds or premises.

The Google Cloud platform offers flexible and open-ended cloud options for companies interested in working with third-party multi-cloud or hybrid options.

Anthos is one of the most prominent strengths of GCP and helps them gain more valued customers as compared to other platforms.

Association with Google

The association of GCP with Google is also a huge benefit as this brand name makes it popular among businesses.

Other Advantages of Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Frequent updates are delivered efficiently resulting in accelerated productivity
  • The changes are published in manageable batches which offer businesses enough time to adopt them
  • The information is accessible anywhere from any device through web-based google apps
  • Several users can work simultaneously on the same project allowing quick collaboration
  • The security services offered by Google are world-class and leading security experts are hired by Google for ensuring superior security services


The amazing services and add-ons offered by Google Cloud Platform are improving the market value of GCP. The innovative approach and highly competitive professionals working at Google are making this platform stand out among others.