Australia is the Ultimate Place in the World for Kangaroo Lovers

If you are a kangaroo lover and wish to see this nature’s remarkable creature with your own eyes, then Australia is the top destination for you to visit.

Australia not only has numerous kangaroo sanctuaries but also parks, shelters, and safaris where you can spot kangaroos.


8 miles from the shore of South Australia is Kangaroo Island which is the world’s biggest natural island plus reserve. You can easily reach KI in 2 hours (112 KM) from Adelaide first by the drive and then using a ship to reach the island.

Kangaroo Island is the home to many wild animals including kangaroos, wallabies, ocean lions, koalas as well as exotic birds. This island is also named the “Zoo without Fences’’ as there are no gates for the animals; they ran free in their natural environment undisturbed and untamed. It is Australia’s 3rd biggest island after Tasmania and Melville Island respectively.

On Kangaroo Island, you can go on a safari and see the animals in their true natural habitat up-close, take pictures, and learn so much about nature.

Moreover, Kangaroo Island is a beauty in its own self, with stunning landscapes and a booming travel industry where you will find tons of food options, restaurants, luxury resorts, white-sand seashores, caves, sand ridges, and tourist attractions.

Once you visit this place, you will get plentiful options to take photographs and eat local delicacies. Moreover, you will also get a chance to discover a lot of adventure and activities such as open-air experiences incorporating guided untamed life safaris, climbing the many strolling trails that string through the natural life-rich public parks, swimming, fishing, surfing, and cruising.

If you wish to get an adrenaline surge, just skip through the hedge in an off-road vehicle or investigate underground cavern frameworks, or maybe surf down transcending sand hills close to Vivonne Bay.

Perhaps the best and safest territory for sea diving is kangaroo Island due to its calm waters.  With a lot of fish-rich waters to investigate, you’ll love every moment on this island.

A must place to visit in KI is Kangaroo Island, Wildlife Park. Here you will find nestling koalas and kangaroos being taken care of by professionals with their own hands and so much love and affection. Not only kangaroos, but this place is the habitat of 150 types of local Australian species such as the echidnas, snakes, reptiles, birds, penguins, wombats, quolls, and crocodiles. You can photograph them very closely, touch them and even feed them with your own hands. If you are a Koala lover too, pay the fee and snuggle a koala in real life!

Nestling koalas and hand-taking care of kangaroos and wallabies are the most loved exercises at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. In excess of 150. This is an incredible method to notice untamed life very close and even connect with a portion of the creatures and feed them. Koala snuggles are accessible for additional expense.

Now let’s talk about the famous Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, another attraction in Kangaroo Island. Spread over 5000 hectares of land, this is a beautiful place to spot Koalas. You can take daytime tours, both alone or guided, for the Koala Walk; a place to see kangaroos; echidnas; possums; goannas; and birds, for example, ruby breasted rosellas, honeyeaters, and dark cockatoos.

If you want evening tours, then chose a guided tour for this option. You can stay in one of the six independent seashore lodges while you wait for the tour to begin. From the sanctuary, you can also walk to the Remarkable Rocks in Flinders Chase National Park. T


Visit the Kangaroo Point and the Moreton Bay in Brisbane if you are a Kangaroo lover. However, these places are accessible through kayak only.

Alice Springs

Here you can visit injured and recovering Kangaroos in the world-popular Kangaroo Sanctuary where harmed and stranded kangaroos are taken care of with love and care.