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5 Top Tips to Slow Down Aging

An age-defying youthful skin, isn’t that something most of us would want? However, there is no miraculous elixir that could pause time and keep you young forever.

The only thing that is possible is to slow down the aging process and minimize visible signs of aging. And this is not by resorting to cosmetic treatments to get that younger look that you desire.

A great way to go about this is to adopt the mindset of taking action on time and implementing preventative steps early to slow aging and look revitalized.

Here are 5 simple but effective ways to do this.

1. Eat a Healthy Diet

“You are what you eat!” so the proverbial saying goes and truly, nothing impacts your skin appearance as much as diet. Poor food choices have the capacity of creating havoc, so it is important you slow down on their intake as much as possible.

A high sugar diet is unhealthy for you as it modifies the essential proteins in your body causing them to build up can contributing to wrinkles and energy losses. So if an ageless skin that is always looking healthy and at its beautiful best is what you are looking for, ensure your diet includes lots of colorful vegetables and fruits, good fats, olive oil, nuts, etc.

Foods to avoid:

  • Foods that have a high glycemic index and refined sugar.
  • Refined starch and grains
  • High starch foods like potatoes
  • Commercially processed vegetable oils and packaged foods

2. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is bad news for you in every way, but more so for your skin. It ensures collagen breaks down faster while constricting blood vessels making it difficult for oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin.

Skin wrinkling occurs faster in smokers, with their nails and fingertips turning yellow. If you cannot find reasons to quit smoking, the prospect of wrinkles should motivate you to take action. If you are not sure how to go about quitting, you can find great tips on how to quit smoking and get your skin glowing again.

We know it may not be easy to give it up at once, but keep trying because it’s more than worth it.

3. Exercise regularly

Woman exercising on a mat

Want to feel healthy and get gleamy skin? Regular exercise is key. Your skin is only a reflection of your mental and physical state.

Whatever physical activity you have chosen, you have to keep doing it on a regular basis to reap the benefits.

A good workout session is known to increase serotonin, which helps to boost the natural glow of the skin.

Regular yoga practice or dancing can help to relieve inflammatory skin conditions, strengthen your bones and reduce the appearance of premature aging.

4. Take care of your skin

The first signs of aging appear on the skin as fine lines, wrinkles, and creases, and further on to sunspots and pigmentation. One amazing molecule that helps to maintain younger-looking skin is Vitamin A.

Along with other vitamins such as vitamin C and E, antioxidants and peptides, they work together to create healthier-looking skin that glows with a youthful radiance. One great routine that keeps the skin in good health is exfoliation and cleansing.

5. Hydrate

Drink water! Drink lots of it! If you want to keep your body’s organs functioning healthily, then you cannot turn away from drinking at least 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Just as your body requires sufficient water, so does your skin for external moisturization and hydration.

If you are bored drinking plain water, you can try other fluids like coconut water, buttermilk, fresh fruit juices, etc.