Luxury Cruise Ship

Luxury Cruises That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Are you looking for an adventure? There are so many experiences to choose from when looking for comfort and style as you travel. Despite the many forms of travel, the sea offers arguably the best form thanks to its vastness. Luxury cruises are among the best approaches to travel the world. They are basically hotels that are afloat. The costly luxurious cruise offers an opportunity to grow the multi-billion dollar ocean tourism industry. As pricey as they are, their offerings range from exquisite dining, shore excursions, internet, crew attention, alcohol, among other great perks. When budgeting for a pricey luxury cruise, factors such as the period of sailing and region to visit are considered.  Read on to identify luxury cruises that will have your jaw drop.

Oasis Luxury ClassLuxury Cruise Ship Sailing Away

Currently, the world’s most luxurious and costly cruise ships are from the Oasis Luxury group. The class has two cruise ships; Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Launched in 2009, Allure of the Seas construction cost about $1.4billion as the world’s largest passenger cruise ship.

With a total wight of 225, 282 ton and measurements of  216ft width, 1187ft long, and 18 decks, the ship contains 2,200 crew members and can accommodate 6,780 guests. Allure has a great, two-deck dance hall, 25 dining alternatives, and a 1,380 theater capacity makes it nothing but outstanding.

On the other hand, we have the Oasis of the Seas. The ship’s construction cost $1.4billion and was instigated in 2008 as the world’s largest cruise ship. A 7-day first-class night cruise in the Eastern Caribbean with Allure of the Seas will cost you about $1,662.

Symphony and Harmony of the Seas

Like Allure and Oasis, Symphony and Harmony are properties of Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The most expensive luxury cruise ship in operation in the world now is Symphony of the Seas. Produced at $1.35 billion by STX France, the vessel is superb. It measures 1188 feet in length, 238 feet in height, 2215.5 feet in width and 220,081t.

In 2018, Symphony embarked on its very first journey with 6,680 passengers and 2,330 crew members. It has a children’s water park, 24 pools, 22 exquisite restaurants, a full-size basketball court, an ice skating rink, and 43-foot rock-climbing walls.

An alternative expensive cruise ship by Oasis is Harmony of the Seas. The difference between Harmony and Symphony is 1,100 tons. Other features are similar including, the construction fee at $1.35 billion. Symphony has 2,747 staterooms of diverse sizes and accommodates 6,687 passengers plus 2,200 crew personnel. Harmony made its first voyage to Southampton in May 2016. 8-night cruise with Symphony and Harmony, you’ll need $1,845 from Miami to the Caribbean.

Norwegian Epic

With a total cost of $1.2 billion spent on construction, Norwegian Epic is one of the most costly luxury cruises offered by Norwegian cruise lines. With an innovative Aqua Park and single-person cabins, the ship is simply exceptional. A carrying capacity of 4,228 passengers and a revamp in 2020 makes it a first-class luxury to cruise.

Norwegian Epic has a total weight tonnage of 155,873, and is 52 meters in width and 329.45 meters in length. For instance, luxurious cruising to Western Mediterranean from Rome costs about US$552.

AIDAnovaLuxury Cruise Ship Amidst Clouds

Built by Meyer Werft from Germany, Aida is the fifth biggest cruising vessel that cost $1.1billion. The ship has a length of 337 meters. AIDAnova’s outstanding ability to be powered at sea and port by liquefied natural gas makes it the world’s first Green cruise ship. The ship offers 17 luxurious restaurants, 23 bars, a 360-degree theater, and an exciting day spa providing a superb experience for the 6,600 passengers on board. Also, AIDAnova has 2,600 passenger cabins and contains 1,500 crew members. It will cost you about US$640 to cruise from Las Palmas through four other ports to the Canary Islands on a 7-night trip on an AIDAnova ship.

MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima

MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima are both MSC Cruises though MSC Meraviglia is the lead offering. Built by STX France, the MSC class ship costs about $1billion. An impending order of 11 MSC vessels costing $10.2 billion is to be delivered by 2026. With its first sail in 2017, MSC Meraviglia launched as the fourth largest cruise ship after the Oasis-class ships. It offers an excellent 15 passenger deck with 1,536 crew members. The vessel can accommodates up to 4,500 passengers.

On the flip side, MSC Bellissima is the second offering from MSC, with a gross ton of 171,598. MSC Bellissima has similar features as its sister ship and made its maiden voyage in March 2021. A 7-night sailing from Barcelona through France and Italy costs about US$1,269.29.

Luxury cruises are not one type-tier; there are varieties of options when it comes to cruises. While some people look for small ships, perfect service, and inclusive fares, others like huge, luxurious cruises with magnificent experiences. The cost of luxury cruise ships is surprisingly high due to the amount spent on building the ships. A ship costing billions to construct would cost you more to cruise.