How To protect Your House Against Burglary

How would you feel if you got home and found that you’ve lost your precious belongings? Maybe exotic items you got from your last cruise, all stolen? Burglars always strike when you least expect it, so protecting your house against burglary is essential. Your house is your haven, and any invasion by burglars violates this fact.

Most people find it easy to decorate and furnish their houses to make them a comfortable and safe space, while ignoring setting up security measures. Homes with professionally installed security measures are statistically less likely to be invaded by burglars. Here are tips that you can follow to protect yourself from a house burglary.

Invest in landscaping

Occasionally too much privacy might cost your safety. You might be a lover of nature but having trees growing towards your windows and doors is dangerous. Shrubs or big trees around your house give burglars a hiding place. Also, have your home and landscape well lit to keep away potential intruders.

Burglars do not love light, so light your front, back, pathways, garage, and other outdoor structures. Remember, lighting outdoors will also help you and your visitors navigate pathways to your house more easily.

Keep your doors safe.

Research shows that 34% of burglars walk in through the front door. So, stop making it easy for burglars to walk in. Before leaving your house, ensure all doors are locked. Also, sometimes just locking is not enough, ensure you have strong door frames and protected hinges.

If you’ve recently moved in or have been robbed before, change your door locks. Getting new locks allows you to select the best-rated locks in the market. You can choose to upgrade to video doorbells or bolt locks. Also, you’ll not have old acquaintances walking around with your spare keys.

Add Security CamerasSecurity cameras

Security cameras frustrate burglars’ efforts. And apart from keeping your house safe, security cameras help you get justice in case of a break-in. Security cameras work unaccompanied or as parts of a whole home security system.

To access the footage in real time, you can invest in smart security cameras with mobile apps. While you invest in security cameras, there are other vital features to look out for. You can get night vision, Wi-Fi, and motion detection for a tech savvy home security.

Install a Security System

Whether a simple or complex system, keep your home safe by installing a security system. Currently, you have a pool of options to select. Home security systems range from the basic ones to those that require professional supervision. Check your budget and choose one that fits your needs.

Installing the best system for your house will require a professional to analyze your home surroundings to determine the level of protection required. Also, you’re free to ask around for the best advice, especially from the police. The police can evaluate your house and give you statistics of burglary cases to help you choose a security system wisely.

Keep your Wi-Fi Network Protected

Did you know that someone with access to your wireless network can snoop around and locate financial and personal information? If you lack a home security system, you are highly susceptible to burglary, even through your unprotected Wi-Fi network and connected home accessories.

To outsmart the burglars, use the following tips:

  • Have your wireless router protected.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Permit WPA2 encryption or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access).
  • Set up anti-malware and antivirus security.
  • Use a ambiguous network name (SSID) to hide your house network.
  • Utilize a firewall.

Secure All Entry Points Including Your GarageHand holding house keys.

As you secure your house, remember the garage is a vital entry point. Garages often store personal items or have an access door to the main house. Do not forget to lock your garage door every time you leave your house.

Try to keep the garage door opener in your house rather than your car so that burglars cannot access it by breaking inside your car. While you get items from delivery guys or neighbors, be keen while using your security codes. Simple mistakes might get your house burgled.

To make your garage more secure, get a smart garage door opener, use extra locks on the garage doors, and cover your windows to protect the belongings inside.

Items Burglars Take

While protecting your house from burglars, remember to keep some items in a safe or hidden places out of sight. Burglars go for specific goodies in your house and it is vital to take note of these. The items of interest include: Cash, jewelry, home décor, liquor, or even prescribed drugs (resalable at high cost). Hide your identity items like passports. When burglars get hold of personal details, they are likely to do more damage through identity theft.

It might seem like a big task to protect your home from burglars. But do not fret; you need not complete it overnight. Take a step at a time; find out essentially what works best for you. an add the rest later. Identifying potential security risks is the first step to protect your home and those you hold dear.