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Six reasons why women should not quit strength training

When talking about weight training, many women are taunted by the thought of weight lifting. Thinking that they will pull a muscle or look like a bodybuilder with buffing muscles and biceps. But that is just a myth. There exists a fact that strength training won’t bulk you up.

A women’s body only builds a fraction of a muscle-building hormone and women won’t be able to look too masculine. Except for women who really train hard to bulk up, the female bodybuilders. This pandemic, going to the gym is risky. For starters, you can do strength training in the comfort of your home. Begin with dumbbells, starting with simple exercises until you achieve each major muscle group.

Reasons why a female should not give up on strength training

Decrease the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Strength training helps with improving blood pressure. It lessens the risk of hypertension and heart disease. According to research by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), women who do strength training gain a 30% reduction in the incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Reduce body fat

It is believed that women have more body fat than men, about 6 to 11 percent. Females who do strength training aids them to build muscles and burn fats. Strength training also speeds up the metabolism for quicker absorption of nutrients and burn more calories.

Your lean muscle easily makes you burn more calories.

Promotes healthier bones

stronger bonesWomen who do strength training increases more bone density in a matter of time and make the bone stronger. The risk of having osteoporosis diminishes tremendously. Increased muscle and stronger bones help you with balance and flexibility.

As we get older we are more at risk of losing bone mass and muscle mass. Perimenopause takes place through the 40s which puts more women at risk of having osteoporosis. Women’s body starts to give up creating estrogen, which has been associated with bone and muscle health.

A stress reliever

Endorphins are released during a workout that pumped us up and improves our mood. Exercise requires concentration and focus that aids in channelizing energy.

It diverts your mind from problems and stress. This also helps with improving your confidence.

Makes you stronger and a toned body

You won’t fall in the category of the damsel in distress. You’ll be your own hero, you’re not only helping yourself but you’re also helping others. The stronger you are, the more likely things will be a lot easier to handle. Like lifting heavy objects, changing tires on your car, taking care of the kids, and more.

In short, you will have more energy and more time to bond with others.

Better sleep quality

Our body needs to rest to revitalize after strength training. A moderate to heavy exercise can help calm the body and get a better sleep quality. Workout at least one to two hours before hitting the sack.

Having a good sleep also makes you look good and healthier skin. Just always hydrate.


Keep in mind that it is important to go slow when starting out. Then slightly add weights. Too much could cause damage to your connective tissues and muscle. And this will take too long to recover from it. Just listen to your body.
There are online videos where you can learn easily without spending a dime. Unlimited sources and knowledge to motivate you and help you with working out.

Strength training makes you feel good, look better, have a longer life, and a healthier lifestyle. Don’t think of this as torture, it’s fun because you get to challenge yourself and also have a more optimistic look in life. Get off that couch and start now.