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10 Gifts Perfect For The Mom Who Loves Gaming

Gone are those days when you give your mom brunch, candy, and flowers as a gift. If your mom likes gaming or smart devices, make sure you find something that enhances her gaming experience. Here are some great gift suggestions for the gamer mom.

Nintendo Switch and Steelseries Nimbus Controllers

You can get your mom a console such as the Nintendo Switch to indulge her gaming experience if she loves snatching moments. If that’s too expensive, the Steelseries Nimbus is a good choice. This controller can work with her phone or tablet and gives her an advantage when jumping into a quick battle royale.

Ps Plus or Xbox Live Subscription

A PS Plus or XBOX Live subscription is an excellent gift. Make sure your mom can access her Instant Games Collection and play online by topping it up for a year.

Astro C40 Controller

Astro C40 is one of the best controllers available for the console. Giving your mom a gift like this shows how much you care for her. This unit worth every penny with its super-long battery life and solid build quality.

LucidSound LS41 Wireless Headset

LucidSound LS41 is an excellent device that gives your mum comfort and audio like no other. When your mom uses this device, she will disappear into her gaming, music, or movies. LucidSound LS41 comes with all of the accessories you need for any application and can also be used wired.

GAEMS Sentinel Console Case

If your mom travels a lot and loves to take her game along with her, you can get her GAEMS Sentinel console case. This TSA-rated case with a high-quality 1080p screen built into the lid makes transporting her console easy.

GUNNAR Glasses

Constantly looking at the screens can impact the way your mom sleeps, mood, and how she physically feels. Help your mom by getting her GUNNAR glasses. These glasses block light rays and reduce eye fatigue and strain. Using them can help your mom’s sleep patterns. There are different types of styles and frames to choose from, so mom can feel and look great.

External Hard Drive

These days, every game needs to be downloaded to the hard drive. If she got a few games on an old hard drive, there are possibilities that she’s running out of space. You could get her a new 4TB external drive to hold all of her extra games, or you could get her an internal replacement.

PSVR Headset

PSVR Headset

You can buy a PSVR headset for a few hundred dollars. PSVR lets your mom access virtual reality, and we believe it’s time for mom to move into the most captivating that games have ever been. There aren’t many perfect gifts out there for moms who love games than PSVR headset.

KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks

KontrolFreeks are used in different scenarios. Maybe your mom is a competitive person and needs the tall sticks to improve her performance. Perhaps she wants to add a bit of grip to the standard DualShock 4 thumbstick or fancy mid-height sticks. These are affordable gifts for your mom if you can’t buy her a premium controller or whole new console.

Controller Messenger bag

Women love bags. This messenger bag is a must for moms who take the console with them on the go. The controller messenger comes with a zippered mesh pocket to store small accessories and keep the game snug. This is an affordable gift for moms who love games.