Electric Cars that can Recharge in Moments

The greatest anxiety about electric cars is being stuck with an empty battery. People are afraid of getting glued on the highway or having to wait at a charging station for two hours. Thanks to the advances in battery technology, consumers are now enjoying greater comfort. Electric cars have changed dramatically in the past decade to accommodate the needs of our fast-paced world.

Also, the fear of charging batteries is vanishing since its system now resembles the procedure of refueling any petrol car. Frost & Sullivan’s statistics predict that electric vehicle sales in the United States will jump from 1.4 million units in 2020 to 6.9 million in 2025. It won’t just prove convenient and economical for consumers; it will also be an important step towards combating climate change. Here we have compiled a list of 5 fastest charging cars to upgrade your journey;

1. The Lucid Air

This is the world’s most aerodynamic luxury car, produced by Lucid Motors. Its prototype came to the scene in December 2016. Although the car is not yet available for sale, pre-orders can be placed. It is the fastest-charging electric vehicle up to this point, thanks to its charging speed of 20 miles per minute. It has a maximum range of 517 miles and can fully charge in just under 26 minutes.

The company claims that the car is expected to have an estimated EPA range of 517 miles (832 km) on a single charge. Additionally, Lucid CEO, Peter Rawlinson states Lucid has industry-leading battery technology in its vehicles. He measures the efficiency of Lucid’s batteries by MPGe (miles per kilowatt-hour) driven. Lucid’s vehicles can deliver more than 4.5 MPGe.

2. The Porsche Taycan

The all-electric Porsche Taycan is introduced by German car manufacturer Porsche. In just four minutes it has the capability of reaching 62 miles. Unfortunately, that high-charge speed only lasts a few minutes before the car slows down to a more methodical charging speed. With its 800-volt system and multispeed transaxle, it sets new records for charging speeds and acceleration times. Its top-of-the-line 750-hp model is among the fastest cars ever tested.

3. The Tesla Model 3

In third place is the best-selling electric vehicle in the world, the Tesla Model 3, which can be recharged at a rate of 15 miles per minute up to 80% of its maximum capacity. The car is developed by Tesla, Inc. The Model 3 is a four-door fastback Sedan now available in Standard Range Plus and Long Range versions, offering EPA-rated all-electric ranges of 263 and 353 miles.

4. The Tesla Model S

Next up is the Tesla Model S. The model’s charging time has gotten faster over the past few years as a result of software updates and modifications to the vehicle. It is an electric five-door sedan car made by Testla, Inc. It came to the view on June 22, 2012. According to Kelley Blue Book, the Tesla Model S has a fast-charging rate of approximately 13.3 miles per minute, allowing it to reach a 200-mile range in about 15 minutes. Moreover, Consumer Reports ranked the Tesla Model S at the top for all cars in December 2017, and it still ranks at the top today. In December 2019, Motor Trend chose the Model S as the ultimate car of all time, over the magazine’s 70-year history.

5. The Nissan Leaf

Last but not least is the Nissan Leaf, the only non-luxury vehicle to rate close to the top of the all-electric vehicle range in charging speed. With a starting price of just over $30,000, the Leaf is half the price of the aforementioned vehicles. The Leaf has a charging speed of 12.5 miles per minute. It is the first electric car that is known for its mass production and world-class quality. Its battery can be charged at home and is powered only by electricity. The Nissan Leaf came out in the market in the second half of fiscal late 2010 as the world’s first electric vehicle.