19 First Date Ideas For A Memorable Time

19 First Date Ideas For A Memorable Time

You’re thinking of asking someone out, or you already did, but where to go and what to do? You want this day to be unforgettable since it will be your first memory together as a soon-to-be couple. Of course, having a great time will just increase the chances of you really becoming a couple.

Forget about dinner and the movie (it is so played out) and choose some of the unique first date ideas for a memorable time. Your date will never forget you whether you end up together or not, and, chances are, you will, especially if you use some of the following first date ideas for a memorable time as an unforgettable start of a love story:

escape room1. Go to an escape room

You don’t want your date to escape, but how about you escape together? Well, you can actually do that if you go to an escape room and solve interesting puzzles together. Your date will think that you’re the coolest person in the world, and you’ll see how smart they are and how well you work together. What could be better than that?

2. Play video games

To some, playing video games is better than anything. If you’re a gamer, let your date know about it and see if they could share your interest. They don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy playing a video game from time to time. Maybe you can play a game where you can fight with each other and see how wins! Come on, let them win, and make this one of the best first date ideas for a memorable time.

theater3. Go see a play

Be honest, when was the last time you visited the theatre? Your date might enjoy seeing a play, and you’ll seem like a classy, well-educated person who enjoys the finer things in life. Make sure to pick a good play and, since your date probably expected a movie, a live performance will make them remember you forever.

4. Sing karaoke

Are you brave enough to let your date know how you sound like when you sing? The truth is, everyone loves to sing, it’s just that not everyone is good at it. It doesn’t stop some of us from singing at karaoke bars and it shouldn’t stop you either. You can have a blast even if you sound terrible. If you know how to sing well though, you’ll impress your crush! So, either you’ll make them laugh or amaze them, what more could you ask for?

fortune teller5. See a fortune teller

Want to do something really unique and unforgettable? Well, discussing the future is one of the signs a person is in love, so why not see what the future has in store for the two of you? Are you going to end up living happily ever after? Ask a fortune teller, and your date won’t be able to fight their fate if they belong with you.

6. Play a board game

Maybe you can solve a murder on your first date by playing Clue, or you can get play Cards Against The Humanity and laugh your heads off. There are many more board games and card games that you can choose from, and it’s never a bad choice since you’ll have time to talk but still be engaged in a fun activity.

boat7. Row your boat

Has your crush ever been on a boat? Don’t ask them, take them on a boat ride. Remember the scene from Little Mermaid with the song “Kiss the girl”? Well, they were in a boat and it’s one of the best first date ideas for a memorable time. Your date won’t see it coming, it will make them feel special, and you’ll have romantic alone time on the waters.

8. Visit the zoo

Kids aren’t the only ones who like going to the zoo. What’s up with all that “dinner and a movie” thing when you can literally feed an actual elephant on your first date? You’ll walk around with snacks and look at animals while you talk and get to know each other better.

bookstore9. Go to a bookstore

Are you looking for someone well-read? What kind of books your date reads could tell you a lot about them. Why not visit a bookstore and search for the perfect books? You can even choose books for each other as gifts and write special dedications in them. Don’t you want your date to read your favorite book? It will always remind them of you.

10. Go to an improv class

Improvising is clearly important in dating, so why not go to an improv class? It’s always fun to just go with the flow and see what happens. You’ll break the ice, and unless your date is very shy, they’ll feel more comfortable around you afterward.

walking11. Take a walk and do something spontaneous

You can just take a walk, let your date know that you haven’t planned anything, and go to the first interesting place you see. Shopping mall, a new bar, or a restaurant, it doesn’t matter, just keep walking and go in once you’re ready to stop taking a walk.

12. See a comedy show

The point is that you make your date laugh, so why not let someone else do it for you and laugh together? See a comedy show, and it will be good even if it’s bad. You’ll have something to laugh about either way.

cooking13. Cook together

Why go for dinner when you can make dinner? You can cook something together and have a romantic dinner at your place or their place. Maybe you can even to a cooking class.

14. Shop at the record store

What kind of music does your date like? Well, take them to a record store and find out! They’ll have something to remember you by, especially if you recommend them a record.

museum15. Go to the museum

You can have a lot of fun at the museum or in an art gallery. If you’re going to the museum, pick one that is related to something your crush is interested in, like the history of wine.

16. Go bowling

If you like bowling no one’s stopping you from taking your date bowling with you. It’s not that memorable, but it still beats dinner and a movie.

gifts17. Buy each other gifts

The best first date ideas for a memorable time naturally include giving each other something to remember the day by. Buy something for your crush and make sure that it’s thoughtful and personal but not expensive or too intimate.

18. Have a poker night

Want to have the coolest first date ever? Have a poker night and see how good your date is at bluffing. You might be able to figure out some of their tells, so they’ll never be able to lie to you. Now, that’s a huge advantage of this first date idea.

horse19. Go horse riding

Prince Charming is supposed to arrive on a white horse, so why not get on one and get your date on it too? You can ride a horse on your first date, and it will be the most romantic date ever.

Don’t forget to be yourself, relax and have a great time!

Good luck!