F1 Announced Plans to Introduce a Sprint Race Format For Qualifying

It’s now official that Formula One drivers will soon start battling it out on Saturday afternoons over 100km. The ultimate decision on when to do this will be made during the Grand Prix weekends.

If you are interested in learning in detail what the changes mean to the drivers, fans, and everyone else, keep reading. We will cover all the important details on the announced plans right away and take the shortest time possible to do so. Let’s dive into the details straight away.

What Defines the New Format?

The announcement of the plans to introduce a Sprint Race Format for qualifying may interest you a lot if you understand the format.

The Sprint Qualifying is a short race that provides a fast-paced and short racing spectacle.

As already mentioned, it covers 100 km. Due to its fast-paced nature, the race is designed to last between 25 and 30 minutes. Like the famous Twenty20 cricket match, drivers will be required to race flat-out from the beginning to the end of the race without the option to pit.

What’s more, the participants will get rewards, though that won’t necessarily boil down to having a podium ceremony. Only the top three finishers will get rewards, and the organizers require that the honor remains for those who qualify for the rewards. The winner will get more than the usual rewards.  They will get a trophy that will be presented in Parc Ferme.

How Does the Announcement Change Qualifying?

Many people who ask this want to know whether the announcement has made changes affecting the one-hour session that is typically split into three segments.  There is no doubt that it has yielded too much drama in the past.

First, it’s important to note that the organizers find the one-hour session important. Besides, they are happy to see it split into three segments. In short, it will remain.

However, there are some changes geared towards improving your overall experience. The session will move to a different day, Friday.

Why does this change matter?  It will give the first day of track action lots of gravitas. Fans who are working will find time to watch this session at last.

The tyre rules will change, as teams will only be able to use soft tyres. In other words, drivers and teams will have enough time to start Sunday’s race on any compound of their choice.

Will We Have Practice Sessions?

Yes, there will be practice sessions. The sessions will be limited to two. There will be none during the weekdays. Besides, each of them will last for no more than one hour.  Here is the exact moment when each of the practice sessions will take place:

  • Fridays: This is the time the first practice will take place. This will most likely be much later in the day than before to give enough room for qualifying.
  • Saturday: The FP2 will occur on Saturday morning.

What will happen if the Qualifying or FPI is held in wet condition? Each team will get a set of intermediates tyres in these circumstances.  However, they are required to return the used set before Sprint Qualifying to  be legible for practicing  and sprint car racing.

Wrapping Up

If the new F1 format works, the organizers will roll it out during the selected weekends. This plan will guarantee most of the fans the chance to enjoy the car races all the time.

We expect that F1 will continue to make further clarifications as to what they envision for the fans. Given the need to satisfy their needs, the changes will most likely make the events racing one of the most loved and popular ones worldwide.