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World’s 9 most Instagrammable places of the year

In the previous years, traveling was either a hobby for the rich or a getaway from the busy routine life for the working class, but now it’s a serious job for bloggers and vloggers who tend to photograph each moment of their stay. Social media such as Instagram has become a hub of the most amazing photos of resorts, travel destinations, tourist attractions, couple photoshoots with new hashtags, trends emerging every other day!

If you are searching for your next travel destination where you can click the most amazing photos for an eye-catch Instagram account, then take a look at these 10 top picks from the Big 7 Travel.

1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is trending on number 1 with more than 53 million #tokyo hashtags floating on Instagram. But what is in this city that makes it the most Instagrammable place in the world for 2021? The answer lies in its incredible neon-colored billboards, amazing art exhibits, vibrant streets, busy malls, and a skyline of skyscrapers that catches every traveler’s eye.

2. The Philippines

This picturesque country is the home to extraordinary natural marvels like an underground stream and amazing rice patios in addition to an energetic culture and history traversing a few centuries. Do you know the Philippines also has more than 7,500 islands? These are the reasons that the Philippines overall is so incredibly Instagrammable as suggested by Big 7 Travel.  Visit the country yourself if you still don’t believe us!

3. Paris, France

‘Enchanting bistros, humming brasseries, corner-road performers, the gleaming lights of the Eiffel Tower – need we say more?’ asks Big 7 Travel. It doesn’t have to, no. However, it adds just in case: ‘Paris is one of the world’s generally notable and cherished urban areas and it isn’t difficult to perceive any reason why.

4. NewYork City, USA

New York City will without a doubt leave you dumbfounded every step of the way. The most mainstream spots for Instagrammers are the notable Brooklyn Bridge, the heartfelt rowboats of Central Park, and the highest point of the Empire State Building.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

‘An extraordinary mix of everything east and west on the gathering point of Europe and Asia, it’s no big surprise Istanbul is big-time photograph cordial,’ remarks Big 7 Travel.

This city offers an interesting travel schedule; full of historic destinations such as the pastel-hued minarets of Hagia Sophia, and the blue dome of the beautiful Blue Mosque, to the world-popular Grand Bazaar for some shopping, Turkish lamps, Turkish foods, and lively nightlife.

6. Dubai, UAE

Who doesn’t love Dubai? It’s the ultimate tourist destination for travelers looking for adventure, nature, shopping, and luxury all-in-one! Huge 7 Travel appropriately brings up that ‘Dubai was essentially made for Instagram’.

Dubai is a dream city with sights that will keep you ‘awake from first light to sunset; from the super extravagant Burj Al Arab lodging to the the ‘incredible’ submerged Atlantis; from the unbelievable The Palm, and ‘one of the world’s most wonderful nurseries, Dubai Miracle Garden’, it has something for everyone!

7. Havana, Cuba

Havana’s frozen-in-time appeal is something that makes it so incredibly photogenic,’ remarks Big 7 Travel. If you visit this city, you will be surprised by the disintegrating frontier structures and candy-shaded vintage vehicles, such an amazing sight to watch!

8. Sydney, Australia

‘Harbor sees, notorious engineering and Aussie enchant are a couple of things hanging tight for you in Sydney,’ remarks Big 7 Travel. ‘[And] with more than 32million #sydney hashtags on Insta, it’s obviously a famous photograph spot’.

9. London, England

‘London is one of those urban areas where you can never click a terrible picture,’ says Big 7 Travel. Surprised? If you don’t believe us, search Instagram yourself and you’ll find more than 145million photographs labeled with the #London hashtag!

From the extravagance that spills out of Buckingham Palace to the notorious treats-hued places of Notting Hill and clear views from the London Eye, it’s nothing unexpected that London is genuinely has a fan following of its own.