12 Things You Probably Never Knew About ‘Dawson’s Creek’

It’s been over a long time since Dawson’s Creek initially debuted and, truly, our lives have never been something similar (…or over) since. The show aired 6 seasons in total and won the audience’s heart through the fun relationship between Joey and Pacey as well as Dawson’s everlasting crush on Jen. Presently, on account of Netflix, a totally different age can observe the entirety of the dramatization that went down in Capeside, Massachusetts. Regardless of whether you’re another watcher or gorging the show for the third time, permit us to give you 30 astounding realities about Dawson’s Creek. Cautioning: spoilers ahead.

1. The Show revolves around Kevin Williamson and his friends

When producer Paul Stupin read him the script of Scream and asked for more ideas for TV shows, Kevin Williamson suggested making a show featuring his life and childhood friendships

2. The show location was different from its story setting.

Dawson’s Creek storyline is set in Capeside, Massachusetts but the show’s filming was done in Wilmington, North Carolina. It wasn’t the first time that a teenager’s show was shot in Willmington, as ‘One Tree Hill’ was also filmed in this town.

3.The cast individuals were all obscure when the show debuted.

At the point when Dawson’s Creek debuted in 1998, the show included a cast loaded with new confronted, obscure entertainers with practically zero significant TV experience.

4. First two seasons exhibited true life events of Williamson’s family.

In the initial two seasons specifically, Williamson says the entirety of the significant plot focuses were taken straightforwardly from his real-life while some parts were written by other writers. Williamson concedes his family here and there got awkward with how intently the storylines looked like their genuine lives.

5. Both Selma Blair and Katie Holmes tried for the role of Joey.

For the part of Joey, Selma Blair also auditioned. However, Katie Holmes prevailed upon the makers with a tryout tape she’d shot at her residence, with her mother playing Dawson.

6. Katie Holmes preferred her school play over the TV show.

Holmes at first wouldn’t take a plane to LA to visit the producers since she was focused on featuring in her secondary school’s drama and wasn’t keen on ditching her friends. So the makers hung tight fourteen days for Katie to be done with the school drama.

7. Joshua was considered for both Dawson and Pacey characters in the show.

Joshua Jackson auditioned for two roles in the show; Dawson and Pacey. However, the casting crew decided that he is a more perfect fit for Pacey’s character.

8. Adrian also tried for the Dawson role

Adrian Grenier additionally tried out for the part of Dawson.

9. Dawson was inspired by Brad Pitt’s hairstyle

In Season 1 of Dawson’s Creek, Dawson chose to have the same hairstyle as Brad Pitt had in ‘The Devil’s Own’.

10. The show needed Steven Spielberg’s permission

The show makers needed to get Steven Spielberg’s consent to utilize banners and short clasps from his films in the show. He watched the pilot and gave his endorsement, yet mentioned that they take out a line where Dawson portrays Jen as helping him to remember Spielberg’s better half, Kate Capshaw.

11.  New love stories emerged among the cast members

2 couples came together with the shooting of the TV show; On one hand, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson started a living-in r relationship while on the other Katie Holmes and Jackson started dating.

12.  All cast except Mary weren’t teenagers as shown on the TV show

While a large portion of the cast was bigger in age than their teenager characters, Mary Beth Peil, who played Grams, was a lot more youthful, and cosmetics were utilized to age her.